In Scalable Mastermind, this is the result we commit to.

Are you serious about making $100k / year (at least) from an online program?

Your time is at capacity in your business from clients or orders (chances are you have a waitlist!)

But you don't want to hire staff and take on more work

You're wondering what's next for your business and are ready for a change

You love to teach and share what you've learnt with others

You want to stop trading time for money and create a more scalable business model

The problem thing is - you're not exactly sure how...

Do any of these sound familiar?

Free up your time

Have the flexibility to work when you want to from wherever you want, around your family and lifestyle.

Make a bigger impact - and serve more people than you're able to in your current business.

Earn more money without needing to put in more
hours - with an asset in your business that you can grow month after month (... after month!)




Piece together 500 different tech platforms and tools

Spend months creating your program before you even sell it

Be "famous" online before people buy

But you'Re WORRIED that LAUNCHING aN online program means you need to...

There is a simpler, more sustainable and automated way to grow your online program...

Wait until you have a bigger social media audience first (my audience has grown while my program has grown).

Be "THE" expert in your industry so you're "allowed" to teach what you know (you just have to be one step ahead of your students).

Have everything perfect in your life and business before you take this step (let's be real: this time will never come).

Be a pro at tech or marketing if you want to succeed (that's what you'll learn and hone in the Mastermind).

here's the thing: having a successful online program doeS not mean you need to:

I didn't want to be stuck working to other people's schedules anymore, and feeling like I was creating their businesses, instead of my own.

I wanted to have more control of my work week; to feel as though I was making a bigger impact and to earn more revenue in my business, without needing to work more hours.

The thing was: if I wanted to replace my clients, I had to make six figures from my program - minimum!

This was the result I committed to.

So despite my doubts, fears and imposter syndrome, I finally took the leap to launch my online program.

Since then, I've learnt a LOT along the way and I have worked with more than 1,000 students through my programs.

I get to see and share in their wins and transformations, while generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in my business each year.

And the best part is, I don't rely on putting in HUGE hours, needing a massive team, or managing big overheads in order to grow.  I prefer to run my online program business in a SIMPLE, less stressful way.

And now I'm teaching you how.

In 2018, my service-based business was going "fine". I had great clients and a six figure revenue.

But as successful as it looked from the outside, it was no longer fulfilling me inside.

I know because I've Done it.


April to OCTOBER 2022

The six month immersive experience to build an online program that makes $100k (at least) a year.

You have ideas for your online program... but you haven't quite launched it. You are ready for the support and accountability to do so.

OR you have fallen off the bandwagon with running your program and are ready to reignite the fire, refine everything you're doing and get it growing!

OR you have launched a few times and are ready for strategies to continue to scale, personalised guidance as you grow and to be part of an intimate group of other online program owners (way more fun and less lonely than doing it alone).


The curriculum is based on the six phases of scaling an online program to at least $100k/annually. This is the process I have honed in my own business and that my students have executed in theirs.

The Scalable Curriculum

Save yourself months of creating an online program that only a few of your clients or friends [or worse - no-one] will actually pay for. Learn what you need to create a program that your ideal audience actually *want*. We cover your topic, pricing, structure, content, messaging & market research.

Phase 01: Scalable Solution


Phase 02: Scalable System

Your platforms (nor you!) will 'break' if more people enrol and more students does NOT mean more work for you. Get my tech-vault with walkthroughs and step by steps for setting up your online program platform, payment system, community and email software - save yourself hours of figuring this out yourself.


It's time to get your online program 'out there'. Learn how to simply promote your program to your audience and enrol your first (or next) few students! Sales pages, bonuses, webinars strategy, email sequences... we cover it all!

PHASE 03: Scalable Sales


Scrap the pointless posting and sending random email newsletters. You'll convert your marketing into strategic profit building activities so that your marketing efforts actually create sales and profit (with exact case studies from my business!).

You'll learn a simple social media strategy specifically designed to GROW your online program sales AND how to leverage email marketing to make more sales from your next launches!

Phase 04: Profitable marketing



Forget the slow strategies of trying to grow a huge email list or 10,000s social media followers and instead fast track your exposure and authority, allowing you to attract new students! Pick and choose from my proven Audience Accelerators strategies - then plug and play into your business.

You'll learn all about Facebook & Instagram Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Challenge Marketing & Podcast Interviews - all specifically designed to GROW your online program!



Once you've made $100k from your online program, we scale it up! Automate your sales machine so you don't need to rely on launching in order to make sales. Say hello to new students every month, week and even daily - and / or introduce your next program to multiply your impact, your students' results and your revenue!


We start with a two day live event in Melbourne, where we will work through the six phases together. You will leave knowing the entire journey ahead for you, along with your next best steps to focus on, and the exact actions you need to take.

Plus, there's nothing much more powerful than spending time with others on the same journey as you. During this weekend, you'll meet your fellow Mastermind members: like-minded business owners who are scaling their business with an online program. These peers will no doubt become friends, collaborators and supporters.

All meals and experiences included. All you need to pay for is your travel to Melbourne and accommodation.   

Weekend In Person INTENSIVE

Join the twice monthly group strategy calls with me, where you can hot seat 1:1 with me to receive personalised advice and feedback, along with learn what's working from your fellow mastermind peers.

Fortnightly Group Mastermind Calls

You have access to my very own Online Business Manager - Cat! Cat manages much of the day-to-day of my online programs, including the admin, platforms and systems. Within our private community forum, you can pick Cat's brain about your own admin, platform management, tech and how or what to outsource to a VA/OBM.

PLUS, we will share the systems, processes and spreadsheets(!) we have fine-tuned in my business.


SCALABLE success

"I'm so excited to have created a community that empowers other couples in their relationships! 

Scalable has turned my dreams of having a membership into a reality, and I now have an asset in my business that I can grow over time.

Emily has detailed every last aspect of starting and creating a membership, and I can honestly say I never would have done this without Scalable." 

"I can honestly say I never would have done this without Scalable"



"Over the last 2 ½ years, I have evolved from baking for local customers in my little old kitchen to creating an ecommerce website so that I could switch sides and start selling products to my fellow bakers, to creating online class content and bringing in a passive income.

 Thanks to this passive income, I have already turned over more this financial year than I did all of last financial year!’s just crazy! And so much of the inspiration came from you, so thank you!!"

"By end of launch week, the class had sold just under 300 times"

 "I started trying to put it together on my own but there is so many moving parts and it isn't the same structure as a product or service-based business. I was feeling overwhelmed which is why I procrastinated for so long.

Emily is incredibly generous in her knowledge and expertise and walks you through every step of the way from an idea to execution. I'm working on my 3rd launch at the moment and have decided to put down the camera so I can put everything I have into it to make it bigger and better each time."

"After three years of contemplating whether to start my own online course, I took the leap and signed up to Scalable."


"Scalable has been a game changer for my Interiors business. It has allowed me to earn a passive income through my online course.

But more than that I have found that I really love being in the 'teaching' side of the business and seeing my members make amazing transformations in their home.  

So grateful to Emily and her amazing course for kicking me into gear and helping me to get my course out there!"

"It has allowed me to earn a passive income through my online course"


"I wanted to do something to support more women without cramming my days with 1:1 sessions. 

Enrolling in Scalable was one of the best decisions I’ve made and Emily’s step-by-step framework, ongoing support and encouragement have been invaluable. 

Emily makes big things achievable and helps you maintain momentum - I can’t believe how much progress I made in a short space of time." 

"Enrolling in Scalable was one of the best decisions I’ve made"



"Before signing up to Scalable, I knew the concept of the course I wanted to run, however I had NO IDEA how to actually execute it.

I was looking for a course that could help me bring my knowledge to students in an easy way, and then I found Emily's course. It was exactly what I was looking for. I signed up for Scalable straight away and was hooked on all the information Emily had to share about Kajabi and how to get a course up and running.

Emily gave me the tools and the skills I needed in order to launch my first 6 week course in 2021 in which I enrolled 39 students. My course has gone from strength to strength and I can't thank Emily enough for sharing her knowledge, which has helped me reach my business goals." 

"Emily gave me the tools and the skills I needed"




$1,850 x 6 months



Your invesment in a scalable business


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