Consider me your marketing mentor, here to help you turn your business goals into your reality. 

Well hey there! Nice to meet you. 

Wind forward to now, after a wild ride on the entrepreneurial rollercoaster of highs and lows, I run a global business from my living room, host a podcast that is listened to in more than 70 countries, coach hundreds of entrepreneurs in my programs, and love the work that I get to call my ‘job’.

I quit my job to go full time in my business when I was 26 years old, with a mortgage to pay and no business plan. What I knew to be true was that my job wasn’t making me happy, and what I truly believed was that I could create something of my own.

Hi, I'm Emily!

I hear you. I used to be paralysed by perfectionism. I completely lacked self-confidence. I battled with anxiety and I wondered if I’d ever truly feel “enough”. 

Having spent years working on myself, my mental health and my mindset to create a life I adore (most of the time!), my mission is to help women realise that their imperfections are perfect, their voice matters and they can be their true selves and succeed.

But often you find that it’s yourself that stands in your way

You want more for your life and a business that you love

Because despite what other people may try to have you believe, you can create a business on your own terms that provides the income you want and lifestyle and freedom you desire. And I’m here to show you the way.

You are ready (even if you're a little scared!) to truly commit to your business, and the dreams, vision and goals you have in your head (and on your Pinterest!).

I didn’t start my business to work all the time. To be a slave to my computer - or phone. Or to miss out on important times with my family because I had to work. And I’m guessing you might be the same.

I'm here to help you create your dream business... and lifestyle.

You can do big things

Connection over perfection

Risking it to get the biscuit

Being brave enough to suck at something new

Knowing that another’s success doesn’t mean there is less for us - it shows us what’s possible

We can if we think we can

Being someone who makes everyone feel as though they matter.

Here’s what I believe in:

My business (and life) is driven by taking imperfect action towards my goals.




It's not just chocolate and Netflix that excite me.


"I've already hit my goal of 10 bookings this year! I feel so much more on track and I love having a strategy to come back to."


"I've had a 256% month on month increase in sales of my jewellery, with sales from Instagram going up by 776%."

Jess - Jess Worrall Photography

"I feel a huge weight off my shoulders because I have a strategy in place. I am saving so much time every week and I have met my booking goals for the past 3 months!"



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