Grow your audience, attract your ideal clients

The Modern Marketing Collective has helped more than 900 entrepreneurs around the world to turn their expertise, skills and passions into thriving businesses.

AND build your online business

Congratulations! You've made that huge - and sometimes scary - decision to start your own business.

You know what you want:

  • To help people through your skills or expertise
  • To do work that feels important to you
  • To make good money on your terms
  • To enjoy flexibility over your hours and - even -  location independence so you can work from anywhere and make money online!

The only part missing now? How exactly you make that happen.

Not that you haven’t tried! 

You’re constantly listening to podcast episodes, downloading free guides, and asking your business-owning friends for advice. 

Problem is, none of it seems to add up — 

Your friend tells you one thing, your favourite podcast tells you another, and some guru pops into your feed with a different take altogether. 

It’s overwhelming. 
And, if you’re honest, really bloody confusing. 

Fact is, you’ve got lots to offer (really!), but you’re not being seen or found, because you don’t know what to post to connect with the RIGHT people…

And then how to turn those connections into sales 


The truth is: it doesn't take just one thing to build a successful online business.

And you know this is true - because if it weren't, you'd likely already have the business of your dreams by now!

Instead, what it takes is a holistic - yet simple - online marketing strategy that:

Clarifies your goals and the actions needed to get there

Provides you with a clear marketing message - and strategic offers to match that are suited to your strengths and how you like to work

Delivers content that truly connects with - and engages - your ideal clients

Genuinely grows your audience - and email list -each and every month

And brings more interest - and sales - into your business, while allowing you the time to still enjoy life!



The membership that helps you to grow an engaged audience, turn that interest into sales and build a business you're proud of.



The Modern Marketing Collective

Most small business owners don't have a proven marketing strategy that actually works. Join the almost 1,000 business owners (and counting!) who have used The Modern Marketing Process to eliminate guesswork and make more sales in their business.





Having expert advice for your business and answers to your questions will stop you making mistakes so you can grow faster. After you have enrolled, you can ask Emily anything in our Group Coaching sessions.

Forget most courses where you are stuck trying to figure it out alone. You'll be invited to join our thriving online community of other small business owners who will become your personal cheer squad - and most likely even 'real life' friends too!

Let's start by taking a look at the step-by-step strategy that hundreds of business owners have used to make more money, save themselves hours each week and step firmly into growth.

The Modern Marketing Curriculum


A unique vision for your business based on the lifestyle you want to create

An actual revenue goal baed on the real numbers in your business (revenue, expenses, profit!)

Clarity on the specific targets in your business to work towards each month to achieve your revenue goal

A tracking template to measure your key business metrics each month so you know at a glance what's working (and what's not!) to keep you in momentum.


Replace the second guessing and overwhelm with an actual plan, based on the money you want to make, and the steps you'll take to get there (instead of doing "all the things" without a clear purpose).



Messaging that clearly and simply communicates to your ideal clients that you can solve their problem

Differentiation in your industry from your peers

Your go-to copy to use on ALL of your marketing touch-points, from your website, to your social media profiles, the basis for content ideas and more.

Take your overcomplicated, wishy-washy or non-existent core message that positions your business, and turn it into words that attract your BEST clients: those who you love to work with most and can help the best.

Module 2: Magnetic Message



Used my simple process to audit your existing offers so you are clear about what to keep, let go or tweak, based on your ideal business and personality

A strategic offer suite to make working with you clear and compelling for your ideal clients - and simpler for you

Clear positioning for each of your offers on your website to move your ideal client from consideration to action more quickly.

Instead of offering a mish mash of different services and offerings, that complicate your business and confuse your clients, you'll curate your strategic suite of offers - designed to provide a solution to your ideal clients at the different stages they're at.




Endless ideas for strategic content for your business, that will drive awareness, interest and enquiries for what you sell

An organised, simple, multi-channel content strategy, that is appropriate for your size and type of business

More trust, credibility, connection and engagement established with your audience, as you reach more people through your content.

Get your content - sorted! No more wasting time trying to think of what to share. Just strategic, purposeful content that serves your audience and creates demand for what you have to offer - 24/7.

Module 4: Smart Content MarketinG



More ideal clients finding you thanks to an optimised Instagram profile

More people clicking the link in your bio and reaching out to work with you

More engagement with your content, now you understand what works on Instagram, and the latest updates as the platform changes

More confidence showing up on Instagram, and using the platform's videos tools, including Instagram Reels

Get your hands on my strategy that helped me grow an audience of 20k+ on Instagram, filled with my ideal clients and genuine engagement and connections - all without spending hours online each day.




Created a strategic lead magnet for your business, choosing from one of my three frameworks to deliver the right type of value

Designed a high converting opt in page - with real examples (and the stats behind them) from my own business

All your marketing touch points helping to grow your list each month, along with my step-by-step guide to create your simple email funnel 

Implemented your email marketing strategy, which brings your audience back to your offers and helps you sell more


Turn your email list into a place that is continually growing with your ideal customers - so you can continue to serve them beyond your social media - and sell more of what you do.

MODULE 6: Email Funnel FuN



Expert-Taught Masterclasses

just a few waiting for you!

PLus regular new




with Jacqui Naunton 



Facebook Ads



with Jess Ruhfus

Websites that Convert


... Plus more masterclasses added regularly, to enjoy on-demand, Netflix-style!

That's right! Stay on top of the latest strategies to keep growing your business, with regular Masterclasses from experts sharing their insider tips!

You and I both know that business loneliness is real. That’s why I’ve gone out of my way to build a community of supportive, kind, helpful and encouraging human beings (the kind that has created all kinds of partnerships, collaborations, and real-life friendships!) you can access both online and in person via the private group space and member-only events.

It’s a place for connection

It’s a place for connection

The Modern Marketing Collective isn’t the kind of program where you’re left to join the dots on your own

— Zoe Watt, Family Photographer, @lovewildwood

Two years ago I booked 5 Christmas mini photoshoots. Last year I booked 16. This year, through implementing the strategies I learned through TMMC, and with Emily’s suggestions, I booked 47 photoshoots in three days AND at a higher price point. I am totally blown away and so excited! 

Thank you for pushing me Emily! It’s not always easy to remain confident & push yourself. 

As a business owner, it’s *so* easy to start overthinking or feel overwhelmed to the point where you lose sight of what you need to focus on. That’s why you have the chance to get my brain on your business in our monthly Q&A sessions - and by simply posting in our Facebook Group, which my team checks each weekday!

It’s a place for support

It’s a place for support

content creation sessions

Fact is, learning only gets you part of the way: IMPLEMENTING is what gets you results. That’s exactly why we have weekly accountability activities, quarterly content creation sessions, and a bunch of tools (like monthly content plans and checklists) to help you put everything into action!

It’s a place for implementation

It’s a place for implementation

Marketing isn’t something you learn once. The landscape is continuously changing, based on what’s resonating with the marketplace and how your business is growing. That’s exactly why The Modern Marketing Collective has regular NEW masterclasses (think email marketing, video, content and more), plus an on-demand library of classes with everything you need to build your marketing strategy beyond Instagram, using tools like Podcasting, Guest Speaking, Collaborations, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Public Relations, Facebook Ads and more. 

And it’s a place that grows with your business 

And it’s a place that grows with your business 

Emily has a great teaching style that's friendly and non-judgemental, and she has a knack for asking the right questions to get you thinking below surface level.

If you're not sure where to start with your marketing, I highly recommend TMMC not just for the content, but the community too!

"I've been a member of The Modern Marketing Collective for 3 years now and there always seems to be something new to learn."

value: $2k

Get straight into action as you dial in on what to sell now to generate revenue in your business; the quickest (simplest) way to get in front of your first clients - OR if you're already making money in your business - generate a quick revenue boost!

The 2k Fast Start Challenge

bonus 2

value: $500

That’s right! Once you have implemented our Instagram optimisation training to your Instagram, based on our formula to attract and connect with your ideal customers, share it with us in our private community, and we'll provide you with personalised feedback, specific to your business!

Instagram Profile Audit

bonus 1

extra value

In even better news, if you join The Modern Marketing Collective today, you also lock in these bonuses



In other words, you get more than $10,000 of strategy, resources, and support.

But, if you get started today, you get everything above for a fraction of the price

To recap, when you join 
The Modern Marketing Collective you get:



























The $2k Challenge


As a premium member, you access everything that's included in our standard membership PLUS twice monthly* small group online coaching calls with Emily and Premium Members to ask your burning questions and receive her personalised recommendations for your business!

From sales pages, funnels, membership strategies or website improvements... nothing is off limits!


Join as a Premium Member to get up close and personal mentoring from Emily

*December & January have one monthly call because... holidays!

With all Annual Premium Memberships to
The Modern Marketing Collective

Enjoy a private 60 minute online strategy session with Emily to have her insights and recommendations specific to your business.


With all monthly standard memberships to The Modern Marketing Collective.

  • PRINTED Annual Content Planning Guide
  • Branded cotton bag
  • Beautiful notebook and pen


$1,497 / year


$49 / month


Choose the option that best suits you and get immediate access to everything inside!

Get started today

No lock in contract
Cancel anytime

Everything PLUS 2x Monthly Small Group Coaching Calls with Emily






I want you to feel 100% confident about your decision to join The Modern Marketing Collective knowing there is zero risk if it's not for you, so I am covering your purchase with my Love it or Leave 14 Day Guarantee

If you join the The Modern Marketing Collective and it's not for you, simply email me at within your first 14 days, and I'll refund you in full and wish you on your way! That's how much I believe in the value of this program to change your business.

So rest-assured knowing that you can join now, with nothing to lose.

Love it or Leave
14 Day Guarantee



These days, after a little (ok… a lot!) of trial and error, I run a global, six-figure business from the comfort of home, host a podcast that has a regular place in the Top 10 Charts, work with hundreds of amazing clients, and love the work that I get to call my ‘job'.

I'm also a mum to a very busy one year old boy!

I'm the creator of The Modern Marketing Collective - and can't wait to support you to grow your dream business.

I quit my job to go full-time in my business when I was 26 because I knew my job wasn’t making me happy, and I truly believed that I could create something of my own. 

Hi, I’m Emily— 

Because once my clients understand that a solid strategy and deliberate implementation is all it takes to shift your marketing efforts from a confusing time-suck to THE sales engine for your business, some seriously cool things start to happen— 

So that my business made enough money to support me and the life I wanted to lead.

Fast-forward to today, and I’ve helped more than 900 business owners do the exact same thing. 

I love it. 

Making sales
Growing my email list
Landing speaking gigs, and 
Generally opening doors

Which meant that while other business owners were chasing vanity metrics, like number of followers, or most likes on a selfie, I was busy using marketing to actually grow my business: 

From the very beginning, I knew marketing wasn’t just a thing to 'do', but a tool to leverage— 

There was a LOT I had to learn when I first started out on my own (Systems! Budgeting! BOUNDARIES!), but, thanks to my Master’s thesis on social media and in-house role in digital marketing, engaging and monetising an audience wasn’t one of them. 


— Gulinka Shadinuowa, Personal Stylist, @StyledByGulinka

The content and learnings are an absolute gold mine of information and the community is just amazing! I have made so many friends and met so many inspiring women who have cheered me on in my business.

Emily has done a fantastic job creating a community of like minded women who just go for their dreams.

Since going into my business full time, I have honed in on the learnings and started to implement and wow – the results have been phenomenal.

I have grown my audience by over 100% and my engagement has increased by over 500%! It all comes back to implementing what Emily teaches and taking action every day.

Thank you Emily – I am so grateful to be part of such a wonderful tribe of women.”

“I have been part of TMMC for over 4 years now. I have received so much value."

Emily’s modules are so valuable and practical - all the things I needed to do in my business to build a clear and cohesive marketing message for my customers.

With Emily’s guidance, I have simplified my offer and service, finding a niche for myself and a clear message, which means I’m now booked up 6 weeks in advance! This was always my goal and I would never have achieved it without TMMC.

What I love the most about it is the amazing connection, support and friends I’ve made through the fantastic community Emily’s created. It’s so valuable to have other women to bounce ideas off and ask questions when I'm working through something in my business... they completely understand as they’re in the same place!

"Joining TMMC has been the best investment I’ve made for my business."

— Alicia Gordon, The Little Potion Co - Mindful, magical Potion kits @THELITTLEPOTIONCO

There is just so much value in the Collective, from the course modules to the bonus trainings, to the monthly coaching calls and guest expert masterclasses. 

Marketing and business changes so quickly and Emily is all over it! She really gets you to deep dive into your WHY, your values and your reasons for running your business.

I don’t know how I’ll ever leave as there’s always something new to learn!

There is SO much content and so much to learn. Honestly, The Modern Marketing Collective is full of education and inspiration and I feel like there’s never-ending learnings (not a bad thing)! 

"I have learnt so much about building a strong values based business and creating engaging content that connects me to my customers. And of course I sell more now!”

— Emma Maslen, resume writer and job interview coach, @rescuemyresume

"When I first joined I didn’t use Instagram and had a very ad hoc approach to the rest of my marketing. I basically had no idea what I was doing!

Fast forward a few years and I now am fully across my marketing and have refined my service offerings thanks to TMMC. I know what and how to post on Facebook and Instagram - and also LinkedIn, which is now my main marketing platform.

Emily provides super practical and encouraging advice both inside the program and on the regular coaching calls.

Having the TMMC community is also fantastic – you can seek help and feedback from other members and they make you feel not so alone in business.

Join us! You won’t regret it.”

“TMMC has been a game changer for my business."

Beth, Sustainable Fashion Designer

"I've had my business for 3 years and this financial year I have made the MOST PROFIT. Joining the Collective has been the best business decision I've made!"

laura, Online Fitness Trainer

"I gained 397 more followers and doubled my monthly income. The other day I had 5 women message me saying 'this sounds great, where do I sign up?'- which absolutely blew my mind!"

Clare, Newborn Photographer

"This month my audience grew by approx 14% and I took in over $5k in bookings. Never in my life has that happened in one month!!"

With you every month you're a member, so you have resources, feedback and accountability at the ready as your business grows. 

Is focused on helping you make real connections with the right people, while simultaneously making sure you have the skills and systems to turn those connections into sales. Because if you don’t know how to make sales from your current followers, getting more followers isn’t going to solve the problem. 

Offers a smaller group where genuine connections are the rule, not the exception, and support is readily available. 

Focusses on a practical and holistic marketing strategy, stepping you through how to grow your audience, move the right people off your platforms and into your business, so you can make more sales now AND in the future. 

The Modern Marketing Collective

Focus on vanity metrics, like number of followers, and bells and whistles, like new filters. 

Have HUGE groups and fewer touchpoints, which makes it all too easy to slip under the radar. 

Go ALL IN on one tool or tactic, treating it as the be all and end all of your business success. 

Other programs

Let’s talk about what makes The Modern Marketing Collective stand out

I know there are a bunch of other programs out there for you to choose from, and money doesn’t grow on trees, so— 

Run for 6 to 12 weeks. 

$1,497 / year


$49 / month


Choose the option that best suits you and get immediate access to everything inside!

Get started today

No lock in contract
Cancel anytime

Everything PLUS 2x Monthly Small Group Coaching Calls with Emily






Student Case Studies

Listen to their stories

Interior designer Sharon owned her expertise and booked out with dream clients 

Brand designer Kim tripled her prices, and is earning more and working less

Mel raised her prices by 75% and built a booked out nutrition coaching business

Newborn photographer Zoe booked 47 photoshoots within 3 days

Celebrant Anna Smale doubled her enquiries within a month

Prue embraced her niche of SAORI weaving and created a six figure business

Sisters Alicia and Jacinta left their jobs and now run their dream creative business together

Website designer Rachel created clarity, confidence and consistent $10k revenue months 

Emma created a thriving Pilates studio, while raising her four children

Meet our STUDENTS!
Meet our STUDENTS!
member success


I was always active on social media but I felt really lost in terms of strategy - I would waste SO much time trying to think of what to write and end up just not posting anything at all. Now I've met my booking goals for the past 3 months!

I am saving so much time every week because I actually have a purpose instead of mindless scrolling and umm'ing and ahh'ing about what to post. There's been a weight off my shoulders now I understand what I need to and can do there.

"I am saving so much time every week because I actually have a purpose."

member success

"Now I create beautiful artworks and illustrations for amazing brands and educate beginners who want to make art and be creative through my online offers."

"Before I joined The Modern Marketing Collective, I'd do all the things. I’d subscribe to all the emails and I’d try every new thing that I saw on Instagram or I read about. After I joined, I just followed all the steps. I simplified everything and niched down to what I really love."


member success

She is a licensed importer and distributor of Saori looms, she hosts workshops, retreats and immersions and more recently opened her own online membership to bring other Saori weavers together! She has also celebrated achievements like making six figures in revenue and she has even paid off her mortgage.

“As business owners, there are so many different elements that we have to be across, and we want to be able to do them well. The Modern Marketing Collective has helped me find a lot of clarity in those different areas, be the most efficient I can at them and make them the best they can be. 

I used to think I had to hustle, because I really had no idea about how much was coming in. Now I really understand my numbers and metrics so I’m much more clear about how my business is tracking.

Emily offers such amazing support and feedback and The Modern Marketing Collective is a place that you can keep coming back to as your business grows and grows.” 

Meet Prue Simmons - a Saori weaver, llama farmer and owner of Dyeing to Weave. Prue is one of only 3 people in Australia accredited to teach a uniquely Japanese style of meditative weaving called Saori. 

member success


I was going around in circles, downloading way too many e-books, second guessing myself and feeling constantly confused on how to grow a business using social media. Not long after joining The Modern Marketing Collective, I adopted the simple marketing strategies that were not only engaging and fun but super achievable.

As a result I’m now aligning with my ideal clients and watch as my business inquiry and conversion rates grow each day. In just the last 7 days my Instagram profile visits increased by 116%, my story interactions up 128% and I’ve secured enough client work that would have previously taken me 4 weeks to earn on a full time salary. The Collective has provided a platform for me to find my voice, realise my worth and align my business with my ideal clients.

"I’ve secured enough work in 7 days - that would have taken me 4 weeks to earn on a full time salary"

member success


I was very scattered with my marketing approach, and didn't know where to focus my efforts. I was feeling frustrated that I had limited time to re-establish my business in a new city.

I set myself a goal of booking 10 weddings this year, and it's only June and I've already booked 11! It feels like a weight has lifted now that I have a clear plan and strategy on how I'm going to achieve my goals. I can now focus my efforts, and get results in less time which is a huge win!

"I set myself a goal of booking 10 weddings this year, and it's only June and I've already booked 11!"

— Janie Rose, FLORIST, @petalandrose_au

I joined something similar a while back for 3 months. The authenticity was lacking and it had too many members which I found overwhelming. I love the intimacy TMMC offers

It’s about doing, not just learning. I’ve so much action to take and can’t wait to do that.

I just couldn’t imagine going on without the support of the other members and Emily’s consistent updates which act as a monthly reminder. The alternative just wouldn’t feel right...

— Kim Ryan, BRAND DESIGNER, @wildseeddesign

There are always updates to social media apps and business information that I want to stay in front of and Emily helps so much with this. She is always letting us know what changes are made in social media programs so we can implement them in our own businesses.  

I also love the support of all the wonderful boss ladies in the group. We are all there to cheer each other on and offer advice on any help we need in the Facebook group and on the monthly group Zoom chats.

I’ve made so many close friendships in the group and even gained some design clients too.

A lot has changed for my business since joining TMMC. I’m now more confident with my social media accounts and I have learnt so much from Emily from my social media posting, making and achieving my business goals, understanding my monthly money goals and other business related skills and knowledge.



student results

This could be you…

$1,497 / year


$49 / month


Choose the option that best suits you and get immediate access to everything inside!

Get started today

No lock in contract
Cancel anytime

Everything PLUS 2x Monthly Small Group Coaching Calls with Emily






The As to your Qs!


Is The Modern Marketing Collective right for my business?

Great question!

  1. If you are a service-based business owner (consultant, coach, professional, creative)
  2. You want to get found more ideal clients
  3. You do not have a marketing strategy that is working to get found by more ideal clients...

Then this is for you!

I have had more than 700 small business owners across so many different industries use my marketing system to grow their business, including dog therapists, lentil farmers, business coaches, graphic designers, website designers, brand strategists, doulas, wedding planners, beauty therapists, social media consultants, copywriters, virtual assistants, health coaches, SEO consultants, fashion designers and stylists, wedding, birth, baby and brand photographers, celebrants, interior designers and stylists, HR consultants, early parenting experts, financial advisors... the list goes on!

I don't want to join another course that I have to go through by myself - I'm looking for something more - a community to be part of.

There are so many courses, downloads and memberships available - things you can buy and complete on your own, or perhaps with some guidance over, say, a six week period. But what they're missing is the ongoing human connection and the community.

What makes The Modern Marketing Collective unique is our focus on community and implementation, because I know how vital these are for your experience and your success. You have a space to celebrate, to share challenges and ask questions - and be part of something bigger than yourself. You can also attend our exclusive member events - online and sometimes in person too!

I feel as though my business is all over the place - with a whole mix of half-executed strategies and muddle of service offerings. I'm really looking to simplify what I offer and how I'm marketing it. Will TMMC help?

You are going to love TMMC! We have a big focus as soon as you enrol on auditing what's working, cleaning up your business, establishing clear targets, and simplifying it all before you even think about trying to market it! You'll also know you're using the right strategy for your particular business model and stage in business - which is often where I see small business owners going wrong and making growth harder than it needs to be for them.

Do I need to have a budget to put towards things like Facebook ads to see success with TMMC?

Nope! We focus on free / organic strategies as this is what small businesses owners need to really leverage and get right before they start any form of paid marketing.

Should I wait to join TMMC until after I've launched my business?

I often see business owners who "launch" their business (which often looks like publishing their website live, and announcing it on their social media).... and the response is underwhelming, and honestly, rather disheartening. This generally comes back to the fact that they haven't built an engaged audience, email list and strategy for their marketing.

By joining TMMC BEFORE you officially launch (or in the early stages of your business), you will understand the messaging to use to attract your ideal clients, build your audience and email list, and put your marketing system in place so you can launch with more success.

Do I need a business plan/strategy before I join?

Not at all! The Modern Marketing Collective is here to show you how to develop your strategy to clearly and confidently move forward.

Our module "Prioritise your Purpose" is specifically designed so that you can understand your business numbers and goals, ensuring that all of your marketing is based on strategy (no more guessing or uncertainty!).

How much time do I need to put in?

I recommend you allocate 1 hour a week for "Collective" time. The time you put into The Modern Marketing Collective will grow your business. Prioritise it ;)

Our program is self paced, meaning you can work through the trainings in your own time, at a speed that suits you. And it means you can revisit areas you need at any time - or jump into our private Facebook Group to get help on areas you would like feedback on.

How are the trainings delivered?

As soon as you join, you will have access to our Member Hub. Think of this as your Netflix style Marketing Library. Watch the simple and succinct lessons in your own time (we even have an app to use on your phone while you're on the go!) and make the most of the playbooks and follow up tasks to accelerate your results!

You will also receive an invitation to join our private Facebook Group. In here, you can ask questions, and connect with other LOVELY small business owners.

What if I fall behind? 

While we guide you with a curriculum, you can choose your own pace to move out (faster or slower!). Plus, every member is working at their own pace, so you have no worry of "falling behind". 

Busy times in business and life happen! Our members say that when they are busy, simply seeing the conversations taking place in our private Facebook Group often brings learnings and new ideas!

I don't want to share every small detail of my life and dancing on Instagram Reels just isn't me... do I need to do these things? 

Dancing in an Instagram Reel isn’t me or most of our members ;) I really encourage our members to bring themselves into their business - in a way that feels authentic to them.

I don’t focus on you needing to use Reels or others specific tools - I’d prefer you to understand fundamental and holistic marketing strategies (which I teach), which don’t rely on needing to jump onto the “latest” things like Reels, Clubhouse etc.

What time are the Premium Member sessions held?

We typically hold these between 9am and 1pm AEST/AEDT (Melbourne/Sydney time) on Wednesdays. We record each session so you can watch back in your own time.

I'm scared of making the financial investment!

I totally understand. When I am working out what to invest in for my business, I like to look at how likely it is that I will make my investment back.

We have so many great stories of success from member, such as:

- Zoe, a newborn photographer, who booked 47 photoshoots in 3 days
- Courtney, a floral stylist/e-commerce store owner, who was able to quit her full time job and has grown her business every month since
- Laura, an online fitness trainer, who doubled her revenue in one month

There are so many fab wins and stories of growth once people take that leap to enrol. The sooner you start, the sooner you'll see results!

Plus, the very first activity you will do when you join The Modern Marketing Collective is our $2k Challenge - the fastest, simplest way to make your first (or next) $2k in your business. This is so practical - and a perfect way to make your investment back pronto!

Can't I just keep learning for free?

Of course. You can keep trying different tips and strategies you hear from friends or online... but I want to ask you: how has the worked for you so far? If you want a proven fast track way then you will love The Modern Marketing Collective and these benefits:

- One place to go for your marketing trainings - forget losing hours in Google ;)
- Having a go-to person at your fingertips to ask your marketing questions when you get stuck or need help
- A community of fellow small business owners all on this journey with you to bounce ideas off.

I have another question…

Great! We'd love to help answer it for you. Simply email and we’ll get back to you ASAP.