Trentham, Victoria
11th to 13th October 2023

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the experience

Reinvigorate, be inspired, connect with other women, learn new strategies, expand your mindset and elevate your business.   

Through a unique series of integrated workshops, dedicated hot seat sessions and the luxury of unscheduled time for deeper reflection, we'll explore how you can elevate your brand, your customer experience and your profits, while overlaying your unique personality and vision to bring more ease, less resistance and greater success.

Escape to the rejuvenating Victorian spa country, where you'll settle into a beautiful homestead overlooking picturesque gardens, while enjoying gourmet meals prepared by a private chef and the company of other female business owners.

An all-inclusive immersive experience to elevate your business in 2023 and beyond.

We’ll share a beautiful group dinner at one of Trentham’s local restaurants to soak up our surrounds, setting the scene for a brilliant two days ahead.


Arrive at our gorgeous accommodation in the famous spa country of Trentham, which is known as a place for rejuvenation. This historic tiny town sits atop the stunning landscape of the Great Dividing Range, just over an hour’s drive from Melbourne.

Set yourself up in your room and join the group for a welcome drink as we meet for the first time as a group. After introductions, we’ll start our first session: 

Elevate: Brand || Create a more visible, compelling and premium brand as you become known as the must-have for your ideal client.




We’ll end the day with dinner prepared by our own private chef as we unwind and enjoy local produce and great conversation.


It’s time to recharge at one of Trentham's most popular cafes, before free time, which is a perfect opportunity to get to work on what we have already covered, relax and chat with the other attendees or simply rest.

We’ll then come together for hot seat sessions, which is a unique and valuable opportunity to have the minds of other women in business providing suggestions, feedback and ideas for your business, facilitated by Emily.


Start the day as you like - bring your yoga mat, take a meditative walk in the nearby Wombat State Forest or hit the snooze button! After a nourishing breakfast, we'll move into our second workshop session: 

Elevate: Experience || Design your own premium and wholly unique experiences for your clients to give them an elevated experience from start to finish of working with you.



After a gourmet chef-cooked lunch, it’s time for a final ‘cheers’ to our time together, as you set off on your journey home, with a deeper understanding of your unique strengths as a business owner, a bigger vision for your business, and new connections formed.


Start the day as you like - bring your yoga mat, take a meditative walk in the nearby Wombat State Forest or hit the snooze button! Our day together starts with a nourishing breakfast before we start our third workshop of the weekend: 

Elevate: Profits || Uncover opportunities for greater profits in your business by exploring the gifts and strengths of your unique personality.




for you!


Plus, an all round unforgettable experience!

Two nights' private room accommodation (ensuite or shared bathroom option)

All gourmet meals and drinks across the retreat, with a focus on healthy, nourishing meals and catered to dietary requirements (just let us yours when booking)

Three workshop sessions: Elevate Brand; Elevate Customer Experience; Elevate Profits, to expand your knowledge, deepen your understandings and equip you with a path forward, for MORE ease, LESS resistance and GREATER success.

Three days with Emily to ask for her feedback, strategies, and suggestions for your business, plus ask her anything about her business.

A dedicated hot-seat session where you can receive Emily's and our other attendees’ insights and suggestions for your business - seek help on the area you would like support with. An invaluable opportunity.

Your own Elevate Workbook so you can come back to what we cover for the months to come.

Deeper connections and friendships forged with other female small business owners (all fellow members of The Modern Marketing Collective).

Uninterrupted time away from normal life commitments to work on (not in) your business.

THE inclusions

It is just over an hour’s drive from Melbourne via the Calder Freeway. Take the Calder Freeway to Woodend and then head towards Daylesford. Trentham is about a 20km picturesque drive past Woodend, through farmland and forest.

Our base for the weekend are the neighbouring homesteads of Casa Allegra and Casa Andante, which sit on picturesque landscaped gardens, providing a peaceful and deeply relaxing space to come together.

You will enjoy your own private room, with the choice to book a room with an ensuite, or a room serviced by a shared bathroom when booking.

Trentham is known as a place for rejuvenation and this historic tiny town sits atop the stunning landscape of the Great Dividing Range.

the location

you already have a validated offer that is selling (i.e. your business is making money)

You would like time and space away from the everyday busy-ness to envision what's next in your business, with guidance from EMILY

You take personal responsibility for your success

You are open minded and able to take feedback 

You can offer non-judgemental support to the other attendees.

the who
the who

Elevate Business Retreat is perfect if:

Elevate Business Retreat is perfect if:

"Do it! You will seriously not regret it, I felt so supported over the entire weekend. The approach and structure in the retreat allowed for a deep dive in to my business that was really quite transformational. Emily knows her stuff, like really knows it and her gorgeous, personable nature and enthusiasm is contagious. Emily's positivity and genuine desire to see you succeed was amazing."

"It was amazing and went well beyond my expectations. I would go as far as to say that it was truly transformational for my business."

"AH-MAZ-ING! It's hard to put into words how truly rewarding it was."

"Truly inspiring, completely empowering and gave such clarity around those areas that will elevate your business."

"It was absolutely incredible. The best business decision I have made."


love notes!


Not only was it a beautiful weekend surrounded by inspiring, passionate women, but I gained real clarity on where I want to go with my business. I figured out exactly how I can best serve my dream clients, and am full of confidence and excitement for where I see my business going now.

The workshops were packed full of value, and I gained so much insight into my business through the brainstorming and chats with the group. It’s not often you have so many amazing business women in the same spot, all going through exactly what you are.

There were so many beautiful touches to the weekend and Emily had thought of everything. The location was gorgeous, the food was divine, the laughs were plenty, and it was a wonderful getaway (from work and family) to be able to focus on myself and the goals I have my business. Highly recommend!

"The Elevate Retreat was the best investment I've made in my business all year."

@celebrantlisagraham and

Prior to attending Emily's Elevate Retreat I was feeling somewhat 'stuck' and apprehensive about spreading my wings in business, however I left the retreat with a sense of clarity and calm, feeling liberated and determined.

It was evident Emily had thought of every little detail when planning the retreat and structured the workshops so that we could all get the most out of them.

It is amazing how powerful it is when you bring a group of women together to share experiences and learn from each other. The weekend was full of great conversation, delicious food, a calming ambiance, dynamic learning, self discovery, laughs, tears and so much more. I highly recommend you invest in yourself and embrace Emily's Elevate Retreat, thank you Emily.

"I left the retreat with a sense of clarity and calm, feeling liberated and determined."

- Kelly Bell
Owner & Macrame Artist  

The Elevate Retreat was totally amazing and very powerful to be a part of!! What a brilliant weekend Emily created for us all!! Everything was of the highest standard ... the house, town, activities, workshops, food, like-minded women, wow was it an experience that I was so pleased to be involved in.

When I was looking at doing the retreat I hesitated as I didn't put myself on the same level as most other business women (small mindset) because I am an artist. But that was quickly put to bed as I realised I owed myself (and my business) the growth I required to get ahead and prove to myself that I can do what needs to be done, to be that business owner I want to be.

I purposely had no expectations going into the weekend to be able to just go with the flow and boy I'm glad I had that approach. So thoughtful and planned out to cater for all of our individual needs & personalities. Just brilliant. I was the only one to fly in from out of state and would highly recommend being a part of the retreat. Thank you Emily for your guidance and wisdom.

" I attended to elevate my business and I came away feeling like I have elevated myself personally as well. I have a renewed passion as a creator (& business owner) to move forward."

 - Michelle McCarthy, Founder OF Studio Danu

The knowledge and expertise that Emily shares is exceptional, while every aspect of the weekend was carefully considered and catered for. I walked away with immense clarity on my business direction and a newfound excitement for the future. It was amazing to be immersed in an incredible group of women that will continue to support each other into the future. 

"The Elevate Retreat exceeded all of my expectations."


I had the best time at the retreat. Having time away with Emily and the other business owners gave me the clarity and inspiration I was looking for.

I've found a new love for my business and I'm excited and motivated to kick bigger goals.

"It gave me the clarity and inspiration I was looking for ."


The Elevate Retreat was just what I needed after working intensely for the past few months. It was the perfect escape from being in my business to have time to create big ideas and vision for the future of my business. With the support of the other women at the retreat with great feedback and diving deeper to uncover treasures I didn't know I had and also tailor my business to suit my personality and money habits.

"I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level."

 - Julies Garbutt, owner of luna haze

What a wonderful insightful, nurturing retreat… I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

I was apprehensive going into this but needn’t have worried.
Emily, Cat and all the other beautiful women were warm, welcoming and inspiring.

I have clarity in a way forward for my business like never before and, not only that,
I’ve made friends for life.

"I've made friends for life ."


WOW - Just WOW - I've had visions of one day attending a business retreat — and 2021 was the year that that vision came to fruition.  

The retreat was so much more than I have ever dreamed it would be, the whole weekend was absolutely amazing — the food, the company, the schedule were all over and above my expectations.

I love that I got to connect with 12 like minded women + all successful business women in their own right — what a magical experience to mix with them and have them in my network forever - I know we will be friends and supporters of each other for many years to come.

Emily, you were amazing, the content was so thought provoking and really challenged my way of thinking. I would love to do it again — thank you so much — it was an experience I will remember for a long time.

"The whole weekend was absolutely amazing,"


Not only is Emily an amazing facilitator who took us through thought-provoking sessions, but the freedom to consider my business without the noise of clients, families, and life's regular responsibilities provided a clarity I hadn't expected to find.

"I got so much more out of the Elevate retreat than I anticipated."

 - DEBORAH SWEENEY, OWNER OF mini Mink Australia

It was such a wonderful experience. It went by far too quickly. It doesn’t matter if you have been in business for 5 minutes or 5 years you will get something out of it.

Working on your own business can be lonely at times and self doubt can creep it - this is a wonderful way to meet amazing business owners like yourself, bounce ideas and gain inspiration and clarity. I came away with a clear list of what I wanted to achieve and how I was going to go about it; as well as new friends that I am excited to keep in touch with.

I can’t speak more highly of the retreat. The weekend was full of great people, great food and great conversation. We all deserve to invest in ourselves and our business - so glad I did!

I would definitely do it again if Emily would have me!

"We all deserve to invest in ourselves and our business - so glad I did!"

She does this through her flagship program, The Modern Marketing Collective, which has a community of hundreds of business owners from across the world; her podcast The Emily Osmond Show, which is listened to in more than 100 countries; and her Instagram, where she candidly documents what growing a business really involves with her 20,000+ followers.

Running this retreat is Emily Osmond: a marketing mentor, top ranking podcast host and speaker based in Melbourne, Australia. Her mission is to demystify marketing and support women to show up as their true selves, create a community of loyal fans around their business and make more money doing work that brings them joy.

your host

"What I have said to many people since: 'As a small business owner, I was reluctant about the cost. But since coming home, if another one was offered in 6-12 months I would say TAKE MY MONEY.' ;)"







THE investment



We will be in touch with you via your email address provided in your application to let you know if we think this retreat will be a helpful investment for your business. If your application is successful, you will need to confirm your place within 24 hours by paying in full or commencing our payment plan option. Places will be offered on a first come, first serve basis.

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